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Greetings and welcome from the faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Mathematics at Southern University-Baton Rouge campus (SUBR).

Mathematics is a discipline that is more widely treasured for its sheer elegance than its immediate usefulness. It is certain that our scientific and technological society cannot advance in this globally competitive environment without the tools gained from mathematics.

To meet the challenges of the new millennium and the continuous changes in the global market, the Department of Mathematics Faculty is rapidly using innovative instructional strategies. The department has State-of-Art computer laboratories and multimedia classrooms and other resources to enhance teaching and learning of mathematics.

Opportunities exist for a career in mathematics and we offer both undergraduate and graduate programs to supply the preparation necessary to excel. We offer assistantships to qualified students and enjoy small class sizes. We have a faculty committed to quality and excellence in teaching, incorporation of instructional technology, and systemic mentoring activities.

For additional information and details about our programs, please contact:

The Chair, Department of Mathematics
Southern University and A&M College
P.O. Box 9757
Southern Branch Post Office
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813-9757
Phone: (225) 771-5180
Fax: (225) 771-4762